Personalized Voice Agent to build trust for first time Waymo Users


Team: Jiasi Tan, Clair Sun, Maggie Chan, Monica Chang

My Role: Design Research, Experience Prototyping, Video Production

Context: CMU Interaction Design Studio II

Tools: Sketch, Illustrator, Figma, AfterEffects


The Challenge

After 15 million miles on the road, Waymo proves to be safer than human drivers. Yet research shows that:


of Americans say they don’t trust the self-driving car


can we get people to trust driverless cars?

The Solution

Introducing AVA, your personalized voice agent, who brings control, awareness, comfort, and safety to your ride before you even step into the car. AVA works seamlessly across devices through a hands-free experience, effortlessly connecting you to all your rides.

Concept Video


How does AVA establish trust




Dialog Flow

Dialog Flow.png


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