Hopsca - energy center - urban design of hekou bay


Date: 2011

TYPE: Urban Design - project at the Dalian University of Technology



This project is located at the south of the Lvshun South Road, North of the planning roads, east of mountain region, west of the local waterfront. Recently, the movement decides to stimulate the whole district commercially and culturally. After carefully study the site, I intend to respond to the specific programmatic and spatial needs of users. Then, by establishing the regional structure and the functions, I created a centre that combines a logical and efficient organisation with an organic experience, intuitive orientation and exciting spatial relationships.

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Xiaoping island used to be a beautiful fishing village. However, back to the 1990s, there were only distributed buildings and garbages filled up the whole island. The People’s Daily published article named “Xiaoping island Being a Garbage island” in August of 2000, and it received a great attention from the whole society. Ever since then, the government of Dalian set out to transform the Xiaoping Island.

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Geographic Advantage

Xiaoping island is surrounded by the ups and downs of the South Mountain and the North Mountain. The water in the harbour is clear enough to see the bottom, and never freeze. The water is 5 to 10 meters. The waterfront is a very good choice for people and there should be more interesting spaces, which could bring a lot of vigour to the whole area.

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How to Vitalize the District?

The site shows great potential in its central location in Shahekou District. The analysis aims to distinguish and integrate the diverse function and space needs of users; on-the-spot investigation helps me further decide the functions here.

Then the systematic and programmatic design is based on the former analysis. By introducing specialised systems, diverse experiences could be possible. Finally, an urban centre which combines theatres, commerce, public park and plaza is achieved, providing an energetic regional centre for local users.

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Need Analysis

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Site Plan

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The New Regional Advantages

Convenient Transportation: Located at the corner of South Lvshun Road, with the help of the LRT station connecting the urban area and Lvshun, the centre has a favourable accessibility. The Network traffic in this region creates a convenient traffic system connect the external region.

Complementary Functions: Considering the Hekouwan complex commercial dwelling district and the main landscape in Xiaoping island, I divided the functional regions. The functional areas are differentiated in a proper order of “working-business-living-exhibition” from the centre towards the peripheral region. It can satisfy both the needs for activities inside this region and the needs in the periphery region.

Landscape: The centre landscape in this region connects the northern and southern natural scenes, it also conforms two mountains in the area. These together make Hekouwan the centre of dominate resources.

Waterfront: This design has an obvious Gulf characteristics, the part excavated in makes the coastline longer. According to different functions in a different area, I designed many kinds of waterfront landscape spaces.


Physical Model and Programming

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Physical Model - CBD at Night

A Gradient of mixed-use spaces, from the fully public realm to the interior of the auditorium, allows the visitor to partake of the event dynamic however they choose to visit this complex, whether they plan a night of music or are browsing the myriad shops, markets, cafes, and restaurants, the complex will be a 24-hour attraction independent of the schedule of performances in the theatres.

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Perspective - Rendering

I want to design a space which can provide more greenbelt for people who come here. Meanwhile, this area is also a good choice for an art centre or an exhibition space. So I decided to combine these two functions vertically. For one thing, on the top of the building, there still enough greenbelt. For another thing, space becomes more interesting and people can directly to go into the building along the seaside road.

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LRT Station

In this program, the height of the buildings become shorter and shorter, and meantime, more and more green space, thus at the end of the site, forming a littoral park. In this park, there are lots of greens space and the deck for closing water. I also design a ferris wheel here, it not only will satisfy the longings of visitors to know about the whole city but also rich the skyline.

In this project, I tried my best to make every detail more interesting. When design the LRT station, I made it a whole system like a piece of paper rolled up, which can also serve as a small landmark as a station.

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Overall Physical Model Photos

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