Kinetic Typography

Expressing emotion through motion and text


Context: CMU HCII, Programming Usable Interface Course Project, Individual Work

Skills: Animation, Video Editing, Visual Design, AfterEffects

<La La Land>

"Maybe I'm Not Good Enough"…

Background on Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography is essentially using motion on text to express ideas and to convey emotion, allowing for expressive text through animation. You can use kinetic typography to tell stories, and convey emotion and character. It’s generally not as good for facts, and is not yet widely used or explored.

Animation Rationales

Rationale 1: Use different font colors for different people’s voices use black font color of Mia’s part (the female voice), and white text for Sebastian’s part (the male voice), for the seek of making it clear who is talking what.

Rationale 2: Use font size and font boldness to reflect voice volume as well as emotion.

Rationale 3: Listed items are accumulated on screen to provide audience a better understanding of the dialogue.


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