Date: 2016 - 2017

2017 HOK Design Annual Publication - 2017

Shortlisted 1/2

Revision to Competition Entry

178-186 George Street And 33-35 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW

HOK/PTW Architects/James Carpenter Design Associates Inc./Amanda Sharrad

TYPE: Architectural Design - project at the HOK



The design creates a tower structure that addresses multiple scales, from silhouette to surface, similar to the nearby Sydney Opera House. At the macro scale, the team designed the 814-foot-high tower to be the tallest building in Sydney, with a distinct profile on the skyline. At the micro scale, the tower is situated within an active pedestrian zone in the city center. It complements and promotes the busy pedestrian laneway network while touching the ground as lightly as possible, despite the building’s size. Both scales help create a new city landmark and welcoming destination for residents and visitors to work, eat, shop and pass through. To maximize space on the ground plane, the design pushes the tower bulk to the ceiling of the buildable envelope, lifting the first full floor plate 80 feet above the lobby. This gesture creates a porous, multilevel ground plane and lobby, accommodating grade changes on site. More importantly, it encourages pedestrian movement through the site and draws natural light into otherwise cavernous laneway spaces. To create a flexible office plan, the design creates an offset core to the south of the building, preserving coveted harbor and Sydney Opera House views to the north. An external structural shell supports office flexibility through a 39-foot, column-free band on the north side of the floor plan. The exterior structural grid also protects the north facade from direct solar exposure. The design team, which included HOK’s in-house structural engineers, developed a highly efficient, hybrid structural precast column system with tensioned steel diagonals.


tower view from Sydney harbor



site alignment + views

Urban Room Diagram


Pitt street level plan

pitt level plan


George street level plan

george street level plan


view east from essex street

view east from essex street


view at Pitt street level

view at pitt street level


Pitt level market story

pitt level market story


detail model

physical model photo_llcq.JPG


facade detail

facade detail


plan views analysis