Saluto - Team Process overview - Part 2: Handing over to a Human

Team: Team: Ema Karavdic, Jiasi Tan, Matt Prindible, Khushi Shah

Our mission:

There are times when people need medical interventions for their mental wellbeing. In those cases, in-person interactions with psychiatrists are necessary. Your AI counseling service partners with psychiatrists in the referral of patients who the AI deems may need a medical intervention. Your client will be leveraging the information the system has on the client through their AI-led counseling sessions to provide a customized check-in interface and doctor-facing web portal.


Saluto - Team Process Overview - Part 1: Visualizing Conversational AI

Team: Ema Karavdic, Jiasi Tan, Matt Prindible, Khushi Shah

“The secret of type is that it speaks.” — Paul Claudel

A new online counseling service is looking to improve upon existing AI counseling services by offering users richer, context-specific experiences beyond a text message interface. They are looking to you to design and develop a screen-based, interactive application that responds to content and emotions being expressed in conversations between counselors and clients.